I never wanted to have a problem with Bing / Microsoft. But I am not going to stop fighting for what is right until the whole world knows. — Rich Kelsey

Bing Webmaster Support:

On 8-16-2022, I sent the following message to the Bing Webmaster Support Team:

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“Hello. I have a question regarding why my website is still blocked:

Is there still something wrong with my website yes or no. — Rich Kelsey”

I received an automatic reply:

“Thank you for contacting Bing Webmaster Support Team.

This email is confirmation that we have received your request for http://globalevangelism.online/ and created the following Request REQ00036577. Your ticket is being assigned to a Global Support Webmaster Engineer who will be contacting you about the next steps to resolve your issue. We will get back to you in 10 days.”

There has been no follow up.

Bing has my website GLOBALEVANGELISM.ONLINE blocked.

They will not tell me why it is blocked.

And now, they have cut off all communication with me!

That is what this website is about and there will be more to come:

■ Social Media

■ You Tube Videos

■ News Media