Bing Deindexed the Website:

Microsoft / Bing Deindexed my Website:

After joining Microsoft / Bing webmaster tools, Microsoft / Bing deindexed & blocked every single page of the website And instead of helping to resolve the problem, the Bing team has cut off all communication. As a consequence, this website was created.

Advice for Microsoft:

When you tell webmasters,

“We will keep you updated regarding issues found …”

Do what you say you will do. Your empty promises really make Microsoft look bad. For example: To this day I have never received a single notification through your “notification system.” The website block and complete delisting came without any warning. Also, when you say,

“Your ticket is being assigned to a Global Support Webmaster Engineer who will be contacting you about the next steps to resolve your issue. We will get back to you …”

Again, do what you say you will do. The way things stand now, with the website blocked and all the pages deindexed for over a year, why should I, Rich Kelsey, or any other webmaster or website owner have faith in anything Microsoft / Bing has to say; actions speak louder than words.

Bing deindexed the website
Image from Bing Webmaster Tools
Microsoft / Bing spelled out: You have no notifications to view.
Image from Bing Webmaster Tools
Microsoft / Bing spelled out: URL cannot appear on Bing
Image from Bing Webmaster Tools

We Are Not Indexing It

“I reviewed your site but unfortunately when I was investigating, I saw that your site is still under going through validation which can be a reason why we are not indexing it.”

Blocked Since Jan. 2022

“After further review, it appears that your site [GLOBALEVANGELISM.ONLINE] did not meet the standards set by Bing to remain indexed the last time it was crawled.”

Unable To Provide Details

“I am unable to provide you the specifics of the block as our product review team does not share details of the block.”

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